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Evergreen State Counseling

Providing remote counseling via telehealth for anyone in Washington state


Thank you so much for visiting me here. By coming to this page, I already know three things about you:

  1. You are brave.

  2. You are trying really, really hard.

  3. Somewhere deep, deep inside of you, there is a small glimmer of hope that change is possible.

I also want to add that you're not alone. Too many of us carry around the heaviest burdens of shame, anxiety, and feelings of hopelessness. These burdens weigh us down so much that they start to affect our functioning, and they make it hard for us to move towards our values and goals.

At Evergreen State Counseling, I want to offer you another glimmer of hope. My sincere belief is that whatever you are struggling with is merely a symptom of something deeper that needs attention, understanding, and an enormous dose of compassion. Like putting together the pieces of a puzzle, we believe that once you understand why you do certain things or feel certain ways, change is inevitable. 

It is my deepest honor to come alongside you and truly understand your story. Because I believe that every behavior once had an important function in your life, you can trust that you won't receive judgement. Instead, you'll receive an approach that encourages self-compassion, mindful awareness, and a curiosity that leads to change. Read more about my approach here.  

Meet Tamara
Issues I help with

Issues we help with:

  • Social anxiety

  • Specific phobias (fears)

  • Panic attacks

  • Rumination & overthinking

Obsessive Compulsive Disorder 
  • Intrusive thoughts/Obsessions

  • Perfectionistic behaviors

  • Repetitive thoughts/behaviors

Change and Uncertainty
  • Life transitions

  • School or career issues

  • Dealing with the unknown

Body Focused Repetitive Behaviors
  • Hair pulling (trichotillomania)

  • Skin picking (excoriation/dermatillomania)

  • Nail biting

Eating/Body Image Issues
  • Preoccupation with food

  • Obsession with calories or weight

  • Yo-yo dieting

  • Negative body image

  • PTSD

  • Trauma-informed approaches



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Initial Consultations
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OCD Counseling
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Individual Counseling 
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Youth Counseling 

Let's talk. We're listening. 

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