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Image by Annie Spratt
Initial Consultations

I get it. Reaching out to a total stranger about your deepest darkest secrets is scary. And vulnerable.'s worth it. 

Making sense of your past and taking steps towards a healthier, happier future is one of the kindest things you can do for yourself.

And if I were to take a guess, you probably need a big dose of kindness towards yourself. 

What you'll get if you call me:

  • A real human being who has likely felt all the same, hard emotions you have. 

  • An honest discussion where we decide whether I'm the best fit for you (I'll offer referrals if I'm not).

  • A chance to ask me about my approach, experience, etc.

What you won't get:

  • You won't be obligated to set up an appointment with me 

  • You won't be told what to do

  • You won't be told that your situation is too far gone or that you're in too deep. Because that just doesn't exist in my world.

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